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(some said shouldn't be written)

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Rocket Norton

Lost In Space

by Rocket Norton

It's a story born in the sixties,

a story that booze couldn't drown

and drugs couldn't squelch,

a story obsessed with sex

and unafraid to

'do it in the road'

or anywhere else for that matter.

Author, Rocket Norton says,

“Aw Hell with the lawsuits,

it's a story that's gotta be told.”


555 Pages of Rockin' Adventure!

 Copyright © 2006 Rocket Norton



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Featuring A Long Time Ago, Cryin' The Blues, My Home Town, Make me Immortal, Mr. Dirty,

Whytecliffe, Babydoll, Supergirl, Trouble, Jailbait, Nickel and Dimes, Feel Like a Jerk, Hold Up, I'm Available, Island of Onion, Muskrat Rumble, Steal Away, Candy Man, and Harry Schwartz

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Editor's choice - Vancouver Sun Newspaper

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Rocket has just released a book for baseball statistics junkies called The REAL Greatest Baseball Team of the Twentieth Century (By The Numbers )

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Here are some sample songs mentioned in the book:

[The wma links will play with Windows Media Player]

  1. My Home Town , Seeds Of Time (play wma)
  2. Supergirl, Seeds Of Time (wma)
  3. I'm Available, Seeds Of Time (wma)
  4. Love Is Going To Find You, Rocket Norton Band (wma
  5. Cheatin On The Book, Rocket Norton Band (wma)
  6. I'm Gonna Miss You, Rocket Norton Band (wma)
  7. Summer In The City, Rocket Norton Band (wma)
  1. In It For Yourself, Prism (wma)
  2. Up On The Delta, H.U.N.N.  (wma)
  3. Into Your Eyes, H.U.N.N. (wma)
  4. Meltdown, H.U.N.N. (wma)
  5. East End Girl, Night Train Revue (wma)
  6. Unified: We Are One, Visions (wma)
  7.  Trouble, Prism (wma)

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